We live in the world of technology where every facet of life has been untouched by internet. Information is moving at the speed of light. The Babson survey research group published a report in 2013, and it said that over 6.7 million post secondary students were enrolled in at least one online class in 2011. Thus, online education has become integral part of our learning. We at nucleus high school are committed to do every single thing that enhances the learning experience of our students.

Here are 4 reasons you should have online access to what you study in your school:

  • 1

    It gives you more flexibility

    There are times, students aren’t able to attend the class. Online learning is a virtual platform wherein students can never loose touch with what is happening. This means students can log in anytime to their school intranet no matter what their work schedules are. They just need access to their internet and laptop.

  • 2

    Control your study time

    Students can control their time of studying unlike on-campus rigid schedules. This gives them ease of mind since they don’t have to follow the schedule they are provided. They can make their own schedules and study freely.


  • 3

    Wide variety of information on one click

    Not only students, but also parents, and even teachers have free access to the information about the school. Students can choose from wide variety of courses which might not be available in physical institution.

  • 4

    No more expensive text books

    Why spend dollars on books which you might get otherwise online? Online classrooms help you to provide free access to study material and you can print or study on the screen. Also each student is not required to physically present to collect the worksheet from the class. Amazing isn’t?